Part One: The First Steps in the World of Makeup 

We often hear false ideas about the harmfulness of certain cosmetic products. For decades, we have been taught to think that makeup damages our skin, causing premature aging and wrinkles. However, thanks to research done by skin specialists and modern technology, we know that many cosmetics can actually act as a protective shield.

Once upon a time, women and men used products such as kohl, a black powder,  to protect their eyes and highlight their features.  Mineral red lipstick, henna nail stains and medicinal herbs were also available to prevent ophthalmia.
>>What is opthalmia?<<

Today, the ingredients found in cosmetics have been carefully designed to care for and protect our skin while making it more beautiful at the same time.

To get your face ready, the first step is to choose your cream / base.  This step precedes the makeup phase.

Let me draw your attention to the different seasons since the weather should influence which cream you use.

In winter, a rich cream is preferred. It should be soothing and protective whereas during other times of the year, a much lighter or matifying cream is usually a better choice.

To not get lost, here are some tips:

➢  Before choosing a product, know your skin type;

➢  Take the time to study the ingredients of selected cosmetics.

Keep in mind that helpful applications and websites such as GlamScout, QuelCosmetic and QueChoisir, can help you choose which products to buy.

With this information, I hope to have sparked your curiosity about this broad and rich subject and invite you to return for my upcoming articles. We will be focusing on topics such as the step-by-step process of proper makeup application and the essentials for your own make-up kit.